Which Womens Smart Watches Can You Buy In The Netherlands

Smart watches are among gadgets that are sought after in the latest years. They can give you all advantages of owning a smartphone – except that you don’t have to carry a phone with you! You can use them to make calls, send SMS, even pay your bills!

Smart technology has long been associated with men, but unreasonably so. Women are equally known to buy new, modern solutions to help make their everyday lives not just easier, but more fun. Fortunately, many brands in the Netherlands and all over EU have noticed this, designing amazing smart watches for women that can give you what you need in terms of design and functionality. 

So, which women’s smart watches can you buy in the Netherlands? Here are a few popular brands:

Samsung Galaxy

Samsung is a world-renowned brand that seems to be well-known no matter where you go. It is no surprise that it is among the most popular brands for women’s smart watches in the Netherlands. While its watches do cost a bit more than average, they are of high quality. Not to mention that there is a sense of trust when you’re dealing with such a reputable brand.


Unlike Samsung, Fossil doesn’t usually sell high-tech items. Quite the opposite; It is a reputable brand from the USA designing and selling high-quality watches. However, the brand recently decided to venture outside of its comfort zone and design smartwatches as well – and Dutch women seem to love them!

Michael Kors

Michael Kors is a luxurious brand that not many people can associate with designing smartwatches. In the end, the brand specializes in clothing, handbags, shoes, and regular watches from time to time. Still, they have their line of smartwatches, and people have fallen in love with them. Just like plenty of items from Michael Kors, many of these smartwatches were designed with women in mind.


Yet another brand that specializes in mobile devices that also sells smart watches. While the popularity of Huawei smartphones seems to be dropping in the EU, the brand’s other devices, including its lines of smart GPS watches, is still thriving. The brand sells many different types of devices in various colors, shapes, and sizes. You will certainly find the right one for your needs, no matter your gender.


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