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    What is a Bird Cage

    A birdcage is a structural design often used to house animals, and some are specially designed to fit a specific species of birds and house them as pets. Some bird cages are not suitable for housing live birds, reasons being too small, awkward shape, using unsafe material for construction. Well-built quality cages which are designed for pet birds are constructed to be more comfortable for the bird. Birds just like every other living creatures requires a house in which they can fly and have some freedom but still ensures they do not fly away, so this implies that for a birdcage to be entirely suitable for the bird, that is to be constructed large enough to accommodate the motion and daily activities of domesticated birds. Generally, most bird cages are construed with a mesh wire as we can learn from the onlinebest.ca; that is to be designed in a way not to endanger the birds.

    Design and Size 

    Birds which are caged most of the time requires more enough space than a bird caged only at night; this is because the activity of the bird in the cage needs to be considered reason being that such birds are kept in one particular place for an extended period of time if not throughout their life. Smart birds, like parrots, need a secure enclosure, and often most times require toys or some play-stands to keep them entertained. The best bird cages are made of wrought iron painted with a non-toxic paint also known as powder-coating. Open for a pet bird should be large enough to allow it to easily extend its wings fully without hitting cage sides or toys or objects within the enclosure. In most countries, it is illegal to house a pet bird in a cage that does not permit to spread its wings.

    Benefits of Bird Cage

    Control and protection: with the help of bird cages, you have the ability to control your flock. They also offer better protection against injuries (most times caused by other animals), diseases and allow the owner to control which birds breed with each other. They as well give you the room to create pair specifications like specialised diets.

    Easy to monitor: Birds are more comfortable to watch in a cage as you can quickly detect if something is wrong with one of the birds. Cages conserve space and are much cheaper. This type of enclosure can be easily suspended to allow food to drop through the floor and also gives the birds an added sense of security.

    Healthy: A maintained and regularly cleaned birdcage tends to improve the mental health of your birds, because of the opportunity for movement, hence, leading to happier temperaments and better treatment of owners.

    Bottom line: It is essential to note that your bird’s cage is the most expensive item you will ever purchase for her. The larger she becomes, the more you’ll need to change the cage if you ask d more in the long run when you place it once or twice.