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    How to use the eyelash curler to add magnetism to your eyes?

    Having the magnificent eyes is a desire for the woman who is looking for increasing their prettiness. For this reason, they have tried a variety of techniques and tools for making up their eyes beautiful. As the way, the eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow are the standard tools in any makeup kits. Apart from all these tools, the eyelash curler is one of the most adorable tools that can help to enhance your eyes by making them look brighter and wider.  However, the right and best quality eyelash curler can help you do pretty much makeup you want. Let’s see how to use an eyelash curler in the most effective manner.

    When it comes to curling your eyelashes, it is very important to use the high quality eyelash curler. Yes, there are different brands of eyelash curlers are available and they are better than others. In fact, it is better to choose the metal curler rather than the rubber or the plastic one.

    • Whatever brand of eyelash curler you have chosen, it is very important to clean the curler before you have used it for curling.
    • It is better to heat the curler through the hair dryer before you use. This can help you to curl the lashes faster.
    • Then, you have to open the eyelash clamps and put your eyelashes between them. While doing so, you should not get the curler close with your skin, because it may pinch yourself. If you have a lot of eyelashes you can do it by separating the sections.
    • Once you have fixed the eyelashes correctly on the tool, you need to hold this clamp for 3 to 4 seconds. It is better to curl your eyelashes in three sections. So, follow the rules as mentioned below.
    • You need to start curling with the base of lashes and you need to take care.
    • It is better to repeat with the center portion of the lashes.
    • Then, you have to curl the lashes at the tips of the curler.
    • After that, you can take out this curler from your eyelash to get the effects. Then, you can apply the mascara after the curling is done. This can provide the adorable look to your eyes.

    In this way, you can see how to use an eyelash curler for your eyes. When you curl the eyes, you can also apply the aloe Vera gel or the Vaseline over the eyelash before you curl. After that, you can use the curler to curl the eyes in the perfect manner. In fact, the Vaseline can help you to get the perfect shaped and curled lashes to increase your prettiness of the eyes.

    One thing you have to remember while curling the eyelashes is that you need not to curl the bottom eyelashes. This is because those, bottom lashes do not provide more attractive look to you. In this way, you can increase your attractiveness of your eyes through the eyelash curler in the most effective manner.

    Tips to use the eyelash curler for your eye makeup

    Beautiful eyes are the first things that everyone notices in your look to know the inner confidence level. Apart from the confidence, the eyes are the excellent parts of face to reflect your entire beauty. So, it is really important to take care of them with the proper methods. As the way, the eyelashes are one of the most adorable parts in the eyes that add the fairness to the eyes. Actually, these eyelashes are made up o the keratin as all the hair in our body. Of course, it may also get damaged everyday wear and tear. So, it is essential to take care of these eyelashes with the affordable things like the eyelash curlers. However, the eyelash curler plays the most important role in the eye makeup. Therefore, it is really important to know how to use an eyelash curler for making up your eye.

    Actually, the eyelash curler is the tool that can help to shape and curl the lashes in your eyes perfectly. In fact, curling your eyelashes can enhance your eyes and makes them appear bit wider. However, you do not need use the mascara, when you have this tool for your eyelashes. Let’s see how to use the eyelash curler tool.

    • Initially, you need to wash your eyes clean. This can help to achieve the proper curl in your eyelashes. It is better to avoid makeup until you have curled the eyelashes. This is because that you may end up this curling with the smudging.
    • Mirror is one of the most important things that you need to have while doing this process. The mirror can help to check if you have got the perfect curling on both upper lashes and lower lashes.
    • Then, you have to locate the eyelash curler over the lashes of your eye and you need to clutch the gripper firmly. It is very important to note that you should not move your hand, once it is fixed over the eyelashes.
    • You have to hold this eyelash curler on this position for five to eight seconds to curl. As the same manner, you can do the same process for other eye.
    • If the curls are not enough, then you can repeat the process. However, you should not move your hands. When you move the hands while squeezing, it may end up with plucking the eyelashes, bizarrely.

    In this manner, you can to use this wonderful tool for curling your eyelashes in the easiest way. However, if you want to have the instant curling, you can put the curler over the blow dryer to heat up the tool before you use it. This can help to make your lashes curl up faster and also it can stay curled for longer. But, you need to be careful while using the hot eyelash curler. This is because that too much of hot may end up burning your eyelid. In this way, you can see how to use an eyelash curler for your eye makeup.

    A simple way to effectively use the eyelash curler tool

    When it comes to the face makeup, almost all women put more efforts and focus on their eye makeup. During the eye makeup, curling the eyelashes with or without mascara is very much important to get the stunning and impressive looking eyes. If you are going to attend any party or occasion, it is essential to wear the eye makeup along with your normal face make up to grab more attention from others.

    Understanding eyelash curler:

    First of all, you should need to understand what eyelash curler is and how to use an eyelash curler properly for your impressive eye makeup. Generally, the eyelash curler is the safest tool if you know to use it correctly. Thus, you just don’t try to use it if you don’t be familiar with it. The following are the expert tips and advice given by the highly experienced makeup artists for the individuals who are all new to use the eyelash curler tool. For the safe handling and use of the eyelash curler, you need to follow these important things.

    • You just need to use the best makeup removing product in order to remove all the traces of makeup especially mascara from your eyes and eyelashes.
    • In the next step, you can make use of the eyelash curler tool along with the heating feature but not too hot. When you are using only the plain curler tool, it will not give you much expected results. Thus, heating up the eyelash curler using the blow dryer is very helpful to easily curl the lashes on your eyes.
    • Then, you have to place a rubbery part of the tool at the base portion of the eyelashes.
    • During this fixing process, you just need to press and hold for about 10 to 30 seconds longer but don’t press harder.
    • It is very careful to leave the curler tool on your lashes. You just don’t pull on it before the lashes have the best curls. After that, you can slowly pull them out.
    • Many makeup artists are recommending you to apply the mascara on the eyelashes before curling them. These two processes in the successive manner will surely provide you the impressive and stronger effect of curled eyelashes.
    • Once you have finished all the works of curling your eyelashes, you just need to give a few minutes to your lashes to cool down.

    By following these steps on how to use an eyelash curler properly, you will surely get the pretty and celebrity style eyelashes with the beautiful, perfect, and sharp curls on the lashes. There are varied colors of mascara available in the market. But it is always better using the black mascara first and let it dry. Then, you need to apply the glitter mascara next. After these two processes of applying two varied mascara on your lashes, you can start using the eyelash curler tool to perfectly sharpen the lashes on your eyes.

    How to use an eyelash curler in the proper way

    If you are the first time users to use the eyelash curler for your personal makeup or to someone else, it will be quite scary with the little fears to use it properly. Generally, eyelashes curling improve the appearance of your eyes and also make them look quite wider. If the individuals naturally have the thick eyelashes and you don’t need the mascara, then you just use this little tool called the eyelash curler tool to enhance the overall look of your eyes. Before starting the curling process of your eyelashes, first of all you should need to understand how to use an eyelash curler tool properly to get the best and impressive look. The following steps are very helpful to properly curling your eyelashes for getting beautiful appearance.

    Eyelashes curling:

    1. In the first step, everyone needs to wash your eyelashes cleanly using the pure water. It helps keeping your curler clean and also achieves a proper curl. Don’t make up both of your eyes until the eyelashes are curled properly in order to avoid smudging. There are some persons who are applying mascara before using the curler. It is really a better idea to curve up your eyelashes easier.
    2. Face the mirror – While applying the eyelash curler, it is better facing the mirror in front of you. It actually helps to neatly and flawlessly apply the curls on your eyelashes for getting impressive appearance. Facing the mirror will really be helpful to check whether you are using the eyelashes in the proper way.
    3. Press a gripper tightly – Once you have situated the eyelash curler tool over your eyelashes, it is better pressing or squeezing tightly without moving the hand away. It actually helps to sharpen your eyelash ends. It is only necessary to squeeze the curler tool for 5 to 8 seconds on your eyes. If your eyelashes are not curled enough, you must repeat the same process again. According to the suggestions of the makeup artist, it is better heating up your eyelash curler tool for less than one minute before using it. It is basically helps making your eyelashes curl up faster and the curls also stay for the longer time. But don’t heat it up too much because it might burn your eyelid.

    At the first time, using the eyelash curler tool is somewhat scary because you don’t know how to use an eyelash curler tool effectively. But the above mentioned steps are clear about properly using the eyelash curler with or without the mascara. Some people would like to get the natural look but with the sharp eyelashes. For these kinds of people, you just use eyelash curler tool and don’t use the mascara. If you want to use the mascara along with the eyelash curler in order to get the thicker and sharper eyelashes, it is recommended using the mascara first and then the eyelash curler. It helps you to get the thicker and sharper eyelashes better. If you are suffering from thin lashes, follow this link to get some help and information: https://www.domyeyelashesgrowback.com