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    Which Womens Smart Watches Can You Buy In The Netherlands

    Smart watches are among gadgets that are sought after in the latest years. They can give you all advantages of owning a smartphone – except that you don’t have to carry a phone with you! You can use them to make calls, send SMS, even pay your bills!

    Smart technology has long been associated with men, but unreasonably so. Women are equally known to buy new, modern solutions to help make their everyday lives not just easier, but more fun. Fortunately, many brands in the Netherlands and all over EU have noticed this, designing amazing smart watches for women that can give you what you need in terms of design and functionality. 

    So, which women’s smart watches can you buy in the Netherlands? Here are a few popular brands:

    Samsung Galaxy

    Samsung is a world-renowned brand that seems to be well-known no matter where you go. It is no surprise that it is among the most popular brands for women’s smart watches in the Netherlands. While its watches do cost a bit more than average, they are of high quality. Not to mention that there is a sense of trust when you’re dealing with such a reputable brand.


    Unlike Samsung, Fossil doesn’t usually sell high-tech items. Quite the opposite; It is a reputable brand from the USA designing and selling high-quality watches. However, the brand recently decided to venture outside of its comfort zone and design smartwatches as well – and Dutch women seem to love them!

    Michael Kors

    Michael Kors is a luxurious brand that not many people can associate with designing smartwatches. In the end, the brand specializes in clothing, handbags, shoes, and regular watches from time to time. Still, they have their line of smartwatches, and people have fallen in love with them. Just like plenty of items from Michael Kors, many of these smartwatches were designed with women in mind.


    Yet another brand that specializes in mobile devices that also sells smart watches. While the popularity of Huawei smartphones seems to be dropping in the EU, the brand’s other devices, including its lines of smart GPS watches, is still thriving. The brand sells many different types of devices in various colors, shapes, and sizes. You will certainly find the right one for your needs, no matter your gender.


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    Cosmetics and Animal Testing

    When talking about animal testing in the cosmetics industry, the main focus is mostly on the EU. In recent years, the focus area has been expanded to China after the media wrote about it more regularly and some cosmetics companies withdrew from China due to legally required animal experiments. Today I would like to think outside the box with you by looking at some other countries in the world and looking at their animal testing policies.

    Unfortunately, animal testing in most countries is not yet regulated at all or is very vague. The different countries also have different definitions of “cosmetics”. For example, sunscreens are called cosmetics in Europe and parts of South-East Asia. In other parts of Asia and North America, however, sunscreens are referred to as medicines, medical cosmetics or so-called “special use” cosmetics, which often means extensive animal testing. The situation is very similar, for example, with hair dyes.

    In many countries, cosmetic raw materials are covered by the Chemicals Act. Just because the laws for cosmetic products in some countries do not require animal testing, the cosmetic ingredients can or must still be tested in animal testing.

    European Union

    Since March 11, 2013, the sale and import of cosmetic products that have been tested on animals, as well as raw materials used in the production of cosmetic products that have been tested on animals, have been prohibited in the EU. However, testing of ingredients and components is still permitted with exceptions. (see Chemicals Act).

    In 2018, the EU Parliament passed a resolution to ban animal testing worldwide. The goal is to achieve this through a diplomatic initiative by 2023.


    The Chinese government mandates animal testing for some cosmetic products. This can even be done at random after a company has entered the Chinese market. For this reason, some cosmetic brands have withdrawn from the Chinese market in the past and now sell there, for example, via online mail order or in the Chinese Hong Kong special administrative region.


    The Minister of Health of Ukraine announced in August 2019 that the cosmetics regulation will be adapted to that of the EU. This means the end of animal testing for cosmetics in Ukraine and is a great success. At the same time, cosmetic products are becoming safer since only 400 substances were previously legally prohibited for use in cosmetic products. With the new cosmetics regulation, the number increases to 1383. The manufacturers are given 18 months to convert their production. This step is one of the conditions of the Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine of 2014. The goal of Ukraine is to become a full member of the EU by about 2025.


    Testing of finished cosmetic products (including household cleaning products and toiletries) in animal experiments has been prohibited in Israel since 2007. Since January 2013 there has also been a ban on sales within Israel if products from abroad have been tested in animal experiments. The ban does not yet apply to raw materials, but only to the finished product.

    United States

    The United States introduced the Humane Cosmetics Act in 2015 to ban animal testing for cosmetics, but unfortunately has not yet implemented it. Testing cosmetic products is not required by law, but is still done for new ingredients and for medical products like sunscreen. The Cosmetics Regulation has been under discussion since 2017.

    Animal testing for cosmetics (import and sale) is now banned in the following 5 US states: Illinois, California, New York, Virginia and New Jersey.

    For example, California: On August 31, California MPs unanimously voted to ban animal testing for cosmetics. The California Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act prohibits cosmetics manufacturers from importing and selling cosmetic products that have been produced through animal testing. The new law will enter into force on January 1, 2020.


    The Turkish Cosmetics Ordinance was extended by an article on January 15, 2016. Since then, animal testing for cosmetic ingredients or end products has been banned provided there is instead an alternative method that is recognized at EU or OECD level. It should be seen as an approximation of the strict EU law. For example, the ban does not apply to products that have been tested on animals outside of Turkey.

    Cruelty Free Cosmetics

    If you are looking for cosmetics products that are not tested on animals, you can find an up-to-date list on Switch Life Blog.

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    What is a Mirrorless Camera?

    Are you a photographer in need of a mirrorless camera? If your answer is yes, then this article is set to provide you with vital info about a mirrorless camera.

    As a professional photographer, you should know the difference between a mirrorless camera and a Digital Single Lens Reflex, but for the sake of those new to the world of photo taking, we’ve taken our time to show the fundamental difference between a mirrorless camera and a Digital Single Lens Reflex.

    However, the term “mirrorless” can be a bit confusing to laypeople. As the name clearly suggests, a mirrorless camera is a type of camera that doesn’t require the use of a mirror to take photos which makes it different from a Digital Single Lens Reflex popularly known as DSLR for short (where “reflex” in “DSRL” represents the reflective nature of a mirror).

    To fully know what a mirrorless camera is, we’ll have to compare and contrast its features to that of DSLR simultaneously. A camera very popular in travelling especially places like South East Asia where we hope to grab a few snaps of our holiday destination. Especially places like Thailand where a กล้องมิเรอร์เลส is so important.

    When dealing with a mirrorless camera, it is essential to know that the camera is not originally designed with an optical viewfinder. Unlike a mirrorless camera, a DSLR is built with an optical viewfinder.

    The general idea behind the term “mirrorless” is the fact that it is being used to describe digital interchangeable lens cameras (ILCs) which is designed with no viewfinder or electronic viewfinders.

    Many of the top brands are covered in Thailand’s product review website over at proreview, they cover all features, pricing and shooting dimensions.

    When taking pictures with a DSLR, the mirror automatically bounces it up to the optical viewfinder, whereas in the case of a mirrorless camera, the imaging sensor is usually exposed to light every time.

    After an image is captured, a mirrorless camera comes up with a digital preview of the image which is either on an EVF also known as Electronic Viewfinder or the image could be previewed on the rear LCD screen respectively.

    A mirrorless camera appears more significant than a DSLR because of the beefy mirror box inside, but without that, it is smaller when both designs are compared.

    One should also keep in mind that, because a mirrorless camera can be made smaller, that does not mean a DSLR contains a bigger lens.

    Considering a 300mm lens on a full-frame of both cameras, it will be around the same size, respectively. The distance between the lens mount and sensor in a mirrorless camera is shorter to that of DSLR.

    And as a good photographer, you can explore the additional advantages it has over DSLR to take great photos!   

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    What is a Bird Cage

    A birdcage is a structural design often used to house animals, and some are specially designed to fit a specific species of birds and house them as pets. Some bird cages are not suitable for housing live birds, reasons being too small, awkward shape, using unsafe material for construction. Well-built quality cages which are designed for pet birds are constructed to be more comfortable for the bird. Birds just like every other living creatures requires a house in which they can fly and have some freedom but still ensures they do not fly away, so this implies that for a birdcage to be entirely suitable for the bird, that is to be constructed large enough to accommodate the motion and daily activities of domesticated birds. Generally, most bird cages are construed with a mesh wire as we can learn from the onlinebest.ca; that is to be designed in a way not to endanger the birds.

    Design and Size 

    Birds which are caged most of the time requires more enough space than a bird caged only at night; this is because the activity of the bird in the cage needs to be considered reason being that such birds are kept in one particular place for an extended period of time if not throughout their life. Smart birds, like parrots, need a secure enclosure, and often most times require toys or some play-stands to keep them entertained. The best bird cages are made of wrought iron painted with a non-toxic paint also known as powder-coating. Open for a pet bird should be large enough to allow it to easily extend its wings fully without hitting cage sides or toys or objects within the enclosure. In most countries, it is illegal to house a pet bird in a cage that does not permit to spread its wings.

    Benefits of Bird Cage

    Control and protection: with the help of bird cages, you have the ability to control your flock. They also offer better protection against injuries (most times caused by other animals), diseases and allow the owner to control which birds breed with each other. They as well give you the room to create pair specifications like specialised diets.

    Easy to monitor: Birds are more comfortable to watch in a cage as you can quickly detect if something is wrong with one of the birds. Cages conserve space and are much cheaper. This type of enclosure can be easily suspended to allow food to drop through the floor and also gives the birds an added sense of security.

    Healthy: A maintained and regularly cleaned birdcage tends to improve the mental health of your birds, because of the opportunity for movement, hence, leading to happier temperaments and better treatment of owners.

    Bottom line: It is essential to note that your bird’s cage is the most expensive item you will ever purchase for her. The larger she becomes, the more you’ll need to change the cage if you ask d more in the long run when you place it once or twice.

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    What’s the simplest family tent to use?

    In my experience in terms of simplicity, I would probably opt for some kind of instant set up tent, preferably an instant tent or a pop-up tent.

    Now which one of those you choose then depends on what size group you’re camping with and where you’re camping. 

    Let’s pick a traditional scenario, family of 5 at a reasonably busy campsite with some natural surroundings, like trees, walls and foliage. In this case I would probably go for the instant tent model for a number of reasons. 

    Pop up tents aren’t bad at all, they set up insanely quick and some of the Quechua and Gazelle models, like the T4 are very good. But that is a rare example, generally across the field pop up tents are much more fragile and smaller.

    Indeed, they are cheaper, but that’s not always a pro when it comes to buying quality materials and designs. Looking over to instant tents, thetenthub.com tells us that the pre-attached frames are much more stable and stronger than a coiled spring for starters. Secondly, they can support extra awnings, canopies and meshed screened areas as attachments. This provides even more sheltered and shaded areas for the family to chill in, providing space for camping tables and chairs. 

    Size wise a pop up may only rise to 8 man maximum, but instant tents do get up to 12 man with Ozark Trail and CORE brands, so that does help to support larger groups.

    Not only this but they have many ‘cabins’ models which contain straight walls, creating much larger head space and internal room. They often come with dividers which help to separate the rooms up allowing you to designate one side specifically for storage, or perhaps the kids sleeping area away from the parents. 

    You may be wondering why we haven’t mentioned traditional tents, that’s simply because I’ve had too many bad experiences with arriving in storms and battling with tent poles, never again. You may now be a bit confused as to what kind of instant tent to go for exactly, what with all the sizes and shapes etc. Well as we mentioned before, thetenthub team have produced an excellent source for us today and provide the best instant tent reviews on the internet, thorough and insightful, explaining pros and cons and useful techniques in instant tent camping. 

    The core things we need for a family tent is simplicity of pitch and packing, waterproof, durable and spacious enough for all the many things we take. Instant tents above an 8-man size have all this and more, so give it a try on your next trip. 

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    How to use the eyelash curler to add magnetism to your eyes?

    Having the magnificent eyes is a desire for the woman who is looking for increasing their prettiness. For this reason, they have tried a variety of techniques and tools for making up their eyes beautiful. As the way, the eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow are the standard tools in any makeup kits. Apart from all these tools, the eyelash curler is one of the most adorable tools that can help to enhance your eyes by making them look brighter and wider.  However, the right and best quality eyelash curler can help you do pretty much makeup you want. Let’s see how to use an eyelash curler in the most effective manner.

    When it comes to curling your eyelashes, it is very important to use the high quality eyelash curler. Yes, there are different brands of eyelash curlers are available and they are better than others. In fact, it is better to choose the metal curler rather than the rubber or the plastic one.

    • Whatever brand of eyelash curler you have chosen, it is very important to clean the curler before you have used it for curling.
    • It is better to heat the curler through the hair dryer before you use. This can help you to curl the lashes faster.
    • Then, you have to open the eyelash clamps and put your eyelashes between them. While doing so, you should not get the curler close with your skin, because it may pinch yourself. If you have a lot of eyelashes you can do it by separating the sections.
    • Once you have fixed the eyelashes correctly on the tool, you need to hold this clamp for 3 to 4 seconds. It is better to curl your eyelashes in three sections. So, follow the rules as mentioned below.
    • You need to start curling with the base of lashes and you need to take care.
    • It is better to repeat with the center portion of the lashes.
    • Then, you have to curl the lashes at the tips of the curler.
    • After that, you can take out this curler from your eyelash to get the effects. Then, you can apply the mascara after the curling is done. This can provide the adorable look to your eyes.

    In this way, you can see how to use an eyelash curler for your eyes. When you curl the eyes, you can also apply the aloe Vera gel or the Vaseline over the eyelash before you curl. After that, you can use the curler to curl the eyes in the perfect manner. In fact, the Vaseline can help you to get the perfect shaped and curled lashes to increase your prettiness of the eyes.

    One thing you have to remember while curling the eyelashes is that you need not to curl the bottom eyelashes. This is because those, bottom lashes do not provide more attractive look to you. In this way, you can increase your attractiveness of your eyes through the eyelash curler in the most effective manner.

    Tips to use the eyelash curler for your eye makeup

    Beautiful eyes are the first things that everyone notices in your look to know the inner confidence level. Apart from the confidence, the eyes are the excellent parts of face to reflect your entire beauty. So, it is really important to take care of them with the proper methods. As the way, the eyelashes are one of the most adorable parts in the eyes that add the fairness to the eyes. Actually, these eyelashes are made up o the keratin as all the hair in our body. Of course, it may also get damaged everyday wear and tear. So, it is essential to take care of these eyelashes with the affordable things like the eyelash curlers. However, the eyelash curler plays the most important role in the eye makeup. Therefore, it is really important to know how to use an eyelash curler for making up your eye.

    Actually, the eyelash curler is the tool that can help to shape and curl the lashes in your eyes perfectly. In fact, curling your eyelashes can enhance your eyes and makes them appear bit wider. However, you do not need use the mascara, when you have this tool for your eyelashes. Let’s see how to use the eyelash curler tool.

    • Initially, you need to wash your eyes clean. This can help to achieve the proper curl in your eyelashes. It is better to avoid makeup until you have curled the eyelashes. This is because that you may end up this curling with the smudging.
    • Mirror is one of the most important things that you need to have while doing this process. The mirror can help to check if you have got the perfect curling on both upper lashes and lower lashes.
    • Then, you have to locate the eyelash curler over the lashes of your eye and you need to clutch the gripper firmly. It is very important to note that you should not move your hand, once it is fixed over the eyelashes.
    • You have to hold this eyelash curler on this position for five to eight seconds to curl. As the same manner, you can do the same process for other eye.
    • If the curls are not enough, then you can repeat the process. However, you should not move your hands. When you move the hands while squeezing, it may end up with plucking the eyelashes, bizarrely.

    In this manner, you can to use this wonderful tool for curling your eyelashes in the easiest way. However, if you want to have the instant curling, you can put the curler over the blow dryer to heat up the tool before you use it. This can help to make your lashes curl up faster and also it can stay curled for longer. But, you need to be careful while using the hot eyelash curler. This is because that too much of hot may end up burning your eyelid. In this way, you can see how to use an eyelash curler for your eye makeup.

    A simple way to effectively use the eyelash curler tool

    When it comes to the face makeup, almost all women put more efforts and focus on their eye makeup. During the eye makeup, curling the eyelashes with or without mascara is very much important to get the stunning and impressive looking eyes. If you are going to attend any party or occasion, it is essential to wear the eye makeup along with your normal face make up to grab more attention from others.

    Understanding eyelash curler:

    First of all, you should need to understand what eyelash curler is and how to use an eyelash curler properly for your impressive eye makeup. Generally, the eyelash curler is the safest tool if you know to use it correctly. Thus, you just don’t try to use it if you don’t be familiar with it. The following are the expert tips and advice given by the highly experienced makeup artists for the individuals who are all new to use the eyelash curler tool. For the safe handling and use of the eyelash curler, you need to follow these important things.

    • You just need to use the best makeup removing product in order to remove all the traces of makeup especially mascara from your eyes and eyelashes.
    • In the next step, you can make use of the eyelash curler tool along with the heating feature but not too hot. When you are using only the plain curler tool, it will not give you much expected results. Thus, heating up the eyelash curler using the blow dryer is very helpful to easily curl the lashes on your eyes.
    • Then, you have to place a rubbery part of the tool at the base portion of the eyelashes.
    • During this fixing process, you just need to press and hold for about 10 to 30 seconds longer but don’t press harder.
    • It is very careful to leave the curler tool on your lashes. You just don’t pull on it before the lashes have the best curls. After that, you can slowly pull them out.
    • Many makeup artists are recommending you to apply the mascara on the eyelashes before curling them. These two processes in the successive manner will surely provide you the impressive and stronger effect of curled eyelashes.
    • Once you have finished all the works of curling your eyelashes, you just need to give a few minutes to your lashes to cool down.

    By following these steps on how to use an eyelash curler properly, you will surely get the pretty and celebrity style eyelashes with the beautiful, perfect, and sharp curls on the lashes. There are varied colors of mascara available in the market. But it is always better using the black mascara first and let it dry. Then, you need to apply the glitter mascara next. After these two processes of applying two varied mascara on your lashes, you can start using the eyelash curler tool to perfectly sharpen the lashes on your eyes.

    How to use an eyelash curler in the proper way

    If you are the first time users to use the eyelash curler for your personal makeup or to someone else, it will be quite scary with the little fears to use it properly. Generally, eyelashes curling improve the appearance of your eyes and also make them look quite wider. If the individuals naturally have the thick eyelashes and you don’t need the mascara, then you just use this little tool called the eyelash curler tool to enhance the overall look of your eyes. Before starting the curling process of your eyelashes, first of all you should need to understand how to use an eyelash curler tool properly to get the best and impressive look. The following steps are very helpful to properly curling your eyelashes for getting beautiful appearance.

    Eyelashes curling:

    1. In the first step, everyone needs to wash your eyelashes cleanly using the pure water. It helps keeping your curler clean and also achieves a proper curl. Don’t make up both of your eyes until the eyelashes are curled properly in order to avoid smudging. There are some persons who are applying mascara before using the curler. It is really a better idea to curve up your eyelashes easier.
    2. Face the mirror – While applying the eyelash curler, it is better facing the mirror in front of you. It actually helps to neatly and flawlessly apply the curls on your eyelashes for getting impressive appearance. Facing the mirror will really be helpful to check whether you are using the eyelashes in the proper way.
    3. Press a gripper tightly – Once you have situated the eyelash curler tool over your eyelashes, it is better pressing or squeezing tightly without moving the hand away. It actually helps to sharpen your eyelash ends. It is only necessary to squeeze the curler tool for 5 to 8 seconds on your eyes. If your eyelashes are not curled enough, you must repeat the same process again. According to the suggestions of the makeup artist, it is better heating up your eyelash curler tool for less than one minute before using it. It is basically helps making your eyelashes curl up faster and the curls also stay for the longer time. But don’t heat it up too much because it might burn your eyelid.

    At the first time, using the eyelash curler tool is somewhat scary because you don’t know how to use an eyelash curler tool effectively. But the above mentioned steps are clear about properly using the eyelash curler with or without the mascara. Some people would like to get the natural look but with the sharp eyelashes. For these kinds of people, you just use eyelash curler tool and don’t use the mascara. If you want to use the mascara along with the eyelash curler in order to get the thicker and sharper eyelashes, it is recommended using the mascara first and then the eyelash curler. It helps you to get the thicker and sharper eyelashes better. If you are suffering from thin lashes, follow this link to get some help and information: https://www.domyeyelashesgrowback.com

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    Top 10 Cool Backpacks

    Trying to find a cool backpacks that can fit your styles can be a real challenge, so at FSB, we have done the hard work for you by finding the 10 coolest backpacks that are available to buy online. The backpacks that we have reviewed in this list will make you stand out from the crowd and look great, while still being comfortable and functional. If you are looking for cute backpacks for college, follow the link. When looking for the coolest backpacks, we looked for backpacks that fit the following criteria:


    A cool backpack has to be stylish, so this we looked for backpacks that don’t just look good, but also stand out from the crowd with cool, unique designs, quality materials and preferably multiple colors so you can find a color that suits you.

    Build Quality

    A poorly made backpack won’t look cool a few months later, so we made sure that all of the backpacks on this list are good quality and won’t fall apart after a few months of use. Many of these backpacks also include a lifetime warranty, so if you get one of these you will never have to worry about it breaking again!


    A truly cool design will look good now and still look good years into the future, that is why the backpacks that we have listed here are based on designs that are not gimmicky.

    How much will a cool backpack cost me?

    A cool backpack will usually cost less than $100, we have backpacks listed here within the $50-60 range, but you probably don’t want to go any lower than that as cheaper backpacks are not normally built to last, though you can sometimes find them cheaper on offer. A good backpack is an investment, and any one of the backpacks that we have listed here should last you for years to come. Some of the more expensive backpacks on this list include a lifetime warranty, so when you find the perfect cool backpack, you won’t have to worry about buying another one again!

    The Top 10 Coolest Backpacks

    The Herschel Supply Co Retreat

    The Herschel Supply Co Retreat is a very cool backpack and is very popular at the moment among the college crowd. It is very stylish, has a retro look and is very comfortable. The Herschel backpack is made from canvas, and is available in several different colors.

    As well as looking great, the Herschel is very functional and includes a laptop compartment to keep your expensive laptop safe and secure and a number of pockets for keeping items in. The large, main compartment is closed using straps and flaps instead of zippers, which helps to protect the items in your backpack from the rain as the main place that water usually gets into your backpack is through the zips and seams of the bag.. The main compartment is very easy to access as it uses a magnetic clip to secure the flap.

    The backpack is built to a very high standard and even includes a lifetime warranty, so you won’t have to worry about it breaking!


    Ibagbar Canvas Backpack

    The Ibagbar Canvas Backpack is another cool backpack, with a stylish retro look. The backpack is made from canvas and it is available in three different colors; black, brown, & grey, the colors suit the style of the backpack well and add the the retro look of the backpack. The grey version of the backpack looks especially good as brown leather zips look great with the grey canvas material.

    With a capacity of 25 litres, the Ibagbar Canvas Backpack should have enough space for most people unless you like to carry around a very large amount of stuff with you. The back of the bag and the shoulder straps are very well padded, making this a comfortable backpack to use all day.

    There are many different compartments and smaller pockets for storing your possessions in this backpack includingre two zippered pockets at the from, two side pockets, an pocket that is zippered and two normal inner pockets.


    Fjällräven Kånken Backpack

    The Fjällräven Kånken (don’t worry I can’t pronounce the name either!) is a very cool backpack that is becoming quite popular at the moment among trendy people. It is a really great backpack in both looks, build quality and functionality. There are multiple sizes from 13L to 20L and colors to choose from, so this backpack is ideal whether you only need to carry around a few items or you have a heavy laptop to carry in the laptop sleeve that is in this backpack.

    The backpack has a cool retro look that is very minimalistic and stylish. It is very comfortable to wear, and is designed to either be worn like a normal backpack or alternatively it can be carried like a suitcase.

    There are enough pockets for most people in this backpack, with one large compartment and a smaller compartment on the front of the bag, though some more inner pockets would have been nice.

    The North Face Borealis Backpack

    If you are looking for a more traditional and functional backpack that still looks cool, then The North Face have got you covered! This backpacks looks great and is available in a huge variety of colors, many of them with slightly different designs and patterns.

    The North Face Borealis Backpack can fit laptops up to 15 inches in size in it’s laptop sleeve and contains two large compartments and one smaller compartment. There are also a large number of smaller pockets inside, such as a fairly large zipped pocket which is useful for items that need extra protection from the elements or other items in the backpack, such as a cellphone and other small pockets for items such as pens.

    This backpack’s storage can be further expanded by using the elastic bungee on the front of the backpack, this is useful for carrying items such as an extra coat. There are also two pockets on the side of the backpack for carrying water bottles.

    This is a very comfortable backpack, with plenty of padding on the shoulder straps and back, and there is some mesh lining to help keep you cool.

    SealLine Urban Backpack

    The SealLine Urban Backpack is a futuristic and cool looking backpack that has several unique features that make it a really great backpack. One of the best features of this backpack is that it is completely waterproof! Once the bag is fastened properly, you can even use it in a rain storm and your possessions will be kept dry. The SealLine backpack also shrinks and grows depending on how much you put in it, so it is ideal if you carry around a variety of different things on different days and you don’t want to buy both a large and small backpack.

    As this backpack has a roll down enclosure, it is really quick and easy to put your stuff into the bag and take it out again as it has a very wide opening.


    The Chrome Barrage

    The Chrome Barrage backpack is a backpack that was originally made for bike messengers, but it is extremely cool and functional for other people too. As well as being cool, the build quality of the backpack is second to none. In fact, Chrome Industries are so confident about the build quality that this backpack comes with a lifetime warranty!

    The Chrome Barrage is available in 5 different colors, and comes with a roll down enclosure, similar to the SealLine backpack that makes putting your stuff in or taking it out quick and easy. Another great feature of this backpack is that the storage can be expanded, it starts out at a respectable 22 litres, but can be increased up to a huge 34 litres with some easy adjustments to the roll top. This can then be expanded further using the cargo net on the backpack. The Barrage is also waterproof, so this is great if you live in a rainy area!

    This is a fairly expensive backpack but it is worth the cost, with the lifetime warranty you will never have to worry about a broken backpack again!


    EcoCity Vintage Canvas Backpack

    The EcoCity Vintage Canvas Backpack has a very cool, retro look that is available in five different colors that all look great; coffee, army green, khaki, gray and black. The coolest thing about this backpack is that it is made from eco-friendly materials such as canvas, so this is a great backpack if you are environmentally conscious.

    This backpack uses straps to and a flap that covers the main compartment instead of a zip, and a drawstring is used to tightly close the compartment. There is a lot of space in a the main compartment, but it may not be big enough if you have a large 17 inch laptop that you need to carry around with you.


    Kinmac New Bohemian Backpack

    If you like backpacks with really cool patterns on them, then this might be the backpack for you.  The unique designs on this backpack (and there are a lot of them) will guarantee that you will stand out from the crowd.

    The Kinmac backpack also includes a padded laptop sleeve, that will keep a laptop that is up to 15 inches in size safe and plenty of space for other items too. There are lots of pockets on the inside and outside, including side pockets to keep water bottles.

    This is an extremely comfortable backpack it has what Kinmac call “massage straps”, these are straps that are textured to provide extra comfort when you are carrying heavier items.


    Hotstyle Vintage Canvas Backpack

    The Hotstyle Vintage Canvas Backpack is a minimalistic, vintage & very cool backpack that is made from water resistant canvas and is available in five great colors. Similarly to some of the other canvas backpacks on this page, the Hotstyle backpack uses a flap and draw-string to close the main compartment of the backpack, this method of closing a backpack is great to keep the rain out. The main compartment can also be easily accessed using a zipper on the side, which is useful if you want to get something from the bottom of the backpack without removing everything else.

    This backpack is also comfortable to wear, with a generous amount of padding on the shoulder straps.


    Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz Backpack

    It may be unfair to the other brands, but I have to include another Herschel backpack in this list. Why? Because they make really cool backpacks, and this is another one of my favorites!  The Herschel Pop Quiz backpack looks more modern than the Herschel Retreat backpacks, but the colors that are available (and there are a lot of them) give this backpack a slight retro feel, while maintaining an overall modern style. Like the Retreat, it is built to a very high standard and includes a lifetime warranty.

    With a padded and fleece lined laptop compartment, this is an ideal backpack if you need to carry an expensive laptop with you. There are lots of other great features too, including a fleece-lined sunglasses pocket, a media port to run your headphones through and waterproof zippers, as on most backpacks the zippers are where the water gets through to your stuff in the bag.

  • News


    A few weekends ago I went to visit the beautiful city of Gothenburg for Way Out West. Just like last year, it didn’t rain it poured, but that still didn’t dampen our spirits due to the picturesque surroundings, good music and friendly people. It really is one of my favourite places on earth.

    Our first afternoon at the festival was pretty relaxed; tired from the early morning and traveling we wondered around the site watching random artists, eating churros and drinking cider… I soon perked up when it was time for Morrissey’s headline act though! I did actually see him a few years ago at Glastonbury festival, which was an amazing experience, but this time felt a lot more intimate as we managed to get pretty close and he was in a great mood! (Likely something to do with WOW being an entirely meat free event). We also saw Massive Attack, The Libertines, PJ Harvey and Jamie XX to name a few.

    I did get lots of other lovely photographs outside of the festival but I’ll post these at a later date cause there are A LOT! Hope you’re all enjoying your long weekend!