Friday, 20 November 2015


Hello! It's been a while since I last blogged but the time feels right to give this another shot, so here goes! I guess I should start with a quick update; over the summer i went freelance as a stylist. I've tried in-house a few times but I always seem to end up back here. I really love the freedom, opportunity and unexpected nature that comes with working for myself, it keeps me on my toes, forces me outside of comfort zones and makes me try harder than I've ever tried before. I do love a challenge. So for now this seems like the right thing for me - It's all very exciting and I'll definitely be keeping you updated on all of that side of things here on FYS.

As I'm sure you've already seen on Instagram I also had a hair cut over the Summer, just before visiting Gothenburg for Way Out West Festival, which was amazing by the way. I loved Sweden so much that I returned for my Birthday weekend, this time to Stockholm, which is where all of these photographs were taken! Back to image related stuff for a second though, I've stopped wearing so much makeup all of the time. My average day involves hours spent on my knees or running around like an idiot in (quite often) sweaty studios. What's the point? This also restricts what I wear, which is actually great cos I feel I'm finally getting a grasp on my own personal style... what works for me and what doesn't. Although I love lots of different styles and trends, most of them I just want to work with, not wear myself.

Another recent life development is the new laptop that I'm currently working from. Last weekend, after months of sharing Matt's laptop, (nightmare), I finally bought my own shiny new Macbook Pro. Having this beauty in my hands was the perfect reason to get back into the blogging game, it would have been rude not to. I hope you also like this new layout, I think it's a lot more user friendly for you guys and also a lot more "me"!

Toni x

Tuesday, 14 July 2015


So I think it's fair to say that I am the WORST blogger in the world, ever. The truth is that recently I've found blogging really difficult... I just don't feel motivated to do it anymore and it's felt like a chore more than a hobby. Between balancing work, personal projects and friends there's just no time for... other stuff, I need to save a little time for myself too - time I can spend watching films and eating crisps.

Hopefully one day my writing flair will return and I'll be back, but until then please still stay in touch via instagram and I'll still be posting outfits for you guys to check out on!


Sunday, 14 June 2015


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